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    That's not a really good way to boost your count. If we feel you only do it, we can actually remove "points". But I digress. Your Playstation tool also breaks the rules.
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    how does the ps4 tool break the rules? it contains no copyright material and it is only used to modify games files really... ripkit = make games smaller, remove languages etc
    cheat tool = add cheats/modded eboots to the games
    modding = make modded files so textures, levels... depends what files can be opened by the ps4 tools out there to date.

    my posts were relevent not just spamming to boost post count. As i said im a trusted dev on multiple forums with years of posting files ... i was the first to make a trainer for ps3, i was first to hack GT5 saves on ps3 + many other ps3 mods, wii mega installer for wii, ps4 i have made modded stuff too and now switch (although used on pc)
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    other places have more active developers and releasing lot more projects? which releases?
    If you have a lot of (legal) releases we don't, I'd gladly add them to the list of existing homebrew that (most) were released on gbatemp.
    and all the PC apps released on GBAtemp: http://wiki.constructionsolutionsllc.us/wiki/List_of_Switch_PC_utilities
    and you know, there's actually a app store, and I don't see a lot of "other" project not posted here.

    Actually, there are few I really liked and just got released but are not posted here : McOSU and OpenLara.

    I just updated the wiki list to add some missing homebrew I found on switchbru :P

    Also, this is not a competition to be on the most active dev forum, the goal is just to enjoy coding and playing homebrew. wherever they are or come from. we all share.
    A forum is not even required, some developers just have a github and that's all.

    Also, I'd like to suggest a new homebrew:
    Port of Chronotron, or Chronoclon NDS homebrew bounty 2011 (but no sources available?)
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    Has anyone shown interest in porting Jump 'n Bump over to switch??

    I used to play it for hours as a kid, and every time I go back to it I have just as much fun as I did then. It seems like a perfect game for the switch, too, with simple concept/controls and four player support. Anyway, if someone ported this I know I'd play it a bunch. It was DOS based and I'm pretty sure the source is quite easy to find.

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    Oct 14, 2018
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    SDL2 bodes well, doesn't mention any other weird dependencies, so looks feasible. Don't know if one of the devs who ported various dooms would be interested in this one?