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  • Idontknowwhattoputhere 0

    I'm bored

    Anbody got any shitposting/troll ideas for me to do?
  • Manuelasparkles 0

    Musical stars and a fun idea.

    Everyone, as a fan of Hamtaro, I remember my favorite musical episode of the show called Pop star. I heard that episode is hilarious! But seeing Hamtaro and the sunflower sisters perform at the concert, gave me a fun idea for the song of I just can't wait to be king, which my favorite song from...
  • mattytrog 1

    Mattytrogs "blog"

    22 Feb 2019 So... Is this like a diary? Lets see... Got a bad knee, bad back, walk with a stick this week. Worked on some switches this week. Two BQ24193 repairs 3 M92T36 replacements 3 LCD connector replacements 2 emmc rebuilds 4 SAMD21 fitted for homebrew 1 software "release" Got 2...
  • Paolosworld 51

    Another thread of mine; ruined by idiots — Embarrassing!

    this was such a stupid fucking post [ATTACH] So far I've contributed three threads to this community. Although calling my threads contributions might be a little generous... The first thread was my introduction, and if you read my first blog post you would know how shitty that was. My second...
  • Owenge 7

    The thonks I have

    Hey it’s Owenge, I always wondered and you can wonder with me: 1. What if we find out Pi ends? 2. When will we face the great barrier in life? 3. Will the US and Russia have a Cold War part 2? 4. Will nukes start the war or will we fallow the M.A.D pact? 5. What if the north and south poles...
  • HamBone41801 4

    Ask me (HamBone41801) stuff

    Do your worst!
  • Idontknowwhattoputhere 8


    IM AND OLD MAN ask me anything
  • The Real Jdbye 11

    My first Sous Vide experience [NSFL]

    Inspired by Sous Vide Everything on YouTube, I bought myself a Sous Vide water bath and a vacuum sealer to go with it: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] I couldn't wait until tomorrow to try it, so I had to cook up a steak to try it. Bagged and ready to cook (roughly 300g each), I seasoned them with salt,...

    Persona 3 portable

    Just finished this game a few minutes ago and WOW ! What a great game ! Sucks for the sad ending though.
  • AdenTheThird 4

    Nintendo Badge Arcade is Freaking Retarded...

    You should know about the Nintendo Badge Arcade. It's a 3DS free-to-install application. It's pay-to-play, as most free games are, but this one takes the form of an actual arcade. The distinctly styled cranes have you putting in actual money to earn little 'Badges' that can be pasted on the home...
  • Draxzelex 5

    Late Night Visitors

    A bit of a strange incident occurred last night (well it was closer to early morning but that sounds less creepier). At around 5 AM, someone rang our doorbell. Somehow it woke me up but as soon as I opened my eyes, it was a lot darker outside than I was expecting it to be. Hearing the doorbell...
  • Owenge 9

    The story of my girlfriend

    hey it’s Owenge.... This is a sad time for me but I knew it had to happen at some point. I broke up with my girlfriend that I’ve been with for 2 years+..... and if you look on my status updates it shows that I was a bit upset on Valentine’s Day but during that time I was already planning to...
  • Jayro 6

    Is this many connections on my PC considered "normal"?

    It seems a bit high to me, and I don't have anything running like a VPN or torrent client. [ATTACH]
  • Jayro 10

    My late Winter + early Spring project:

    I'm building bartop arcade cabinet from scratch! It's made from MDF, and I've only gotten the basic parts glued and screwed together so far, but I'm not in any rush. I'm taking my time, and really stretching this out. I'm not a good wood worker by any means, but I do okay. [ATTACH]
  • Sinon 17

    Feel free to ask me (AutumnWolf) anything

    ANYTHING (There's no guarantee I'll answer your question/s tho)
  • Jayro 0

    New "Off The Hook" plushies coming out in Japan in late June 2019!

    Source: [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH]
  • GuyInDogSuit 14

    Seriously considering getting a Wii U but....

    I think I'd be better off emulating it, though it might not be worth all the bugs. The real issue is pairing my -TR Wiimote Plus to the damn PC/Dolphin. Spent the last few hours trying to fix this. What a pain in the ass...
  • Nerdtendo 8

    So no one told you life was gonna be this way *aggressive clapping*

    Hello, my name is Nerdtendo, I am recently 17 years old, and I'm starting to realize life isn't getting a whole lot easier. Of course, there's stressful things such as school, college applications, work, extra curriculars, etc; but there are also girls! Ah yes girls. Those incomprehensible...
  • Noctosphere 12

    Tonight, I called 911 for my mother

    So, I just came back from hospital First, my mom woke up to go working, she works at night yea... But, when I joined her in the kitchen, I saw her sit on a chair with her body lowered before I was like, "Are you okay?! Are you okay?!" Turns out she lost conscious, she had lot of trouble...